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Make Business More Pleasurable!

Just get your presentation together and Quality Inn & Suites Vestal Binghamton will take care of the rest of the details. Your business meeting will run smoothly and seamlessly so that you’ll always maintain a professional appearance. No need to panic and fall into chaos. Quality Inn & Suites Vestal Binghamton has everything you need to make your group travel, event planning, business travel, and meetings absolute perfection.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business conference, family or school reunion, or any other special event. Quality Inn & Suites Vestal Binghamton has a Ballroom that is versatile and can easily meet your needs.

The University Ballroom can be arranged in a reception design where standard round tables are placed around the room. This is a fantastic setup for reunions or other special celebrations. A banquet setup is another option for your event, allowing for ease of navigation between tables and access to food along the perimeter.

For presentations, the theatre setup is best. It features rows of chairs arranged like a movie theatre so that everyone has a prime seat for the presentation. You can also choose a classroom setup which is ideal if you’re hosting a learning workshop or business training seminar. Your attendees can be seated at rows of tables that face the front of the room for the perfect learning atmosphere.

Conferences are most productive when you choose a U-shape layout with an open space in the middle, though a regular conference room setup that resembles a board room will also do nicely.

Need a smaller more quaint setting? Our Boardroom is the perfect option. Equipped with a large conference table, the room accommodates up to 15 people, has an exterior door, and it’s own restroom for your convenience.

The Quality Inn & Suites Vestal Binghamton knows you need to get business done and has plenty to help you make everything run smoothly. You can prepare or make last-minute changes for your presentation in the Business Center. Make copies or send faxes and get everything done like a pro.

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The Quality Inn & Suites Vestal Binghamton is already a great value, but it can’t hurt to take advantage of specials to save even more on your stay! These seasonal specials include even more extras to make your visit beyond extraordinary.